Hause – prepared piano, mandolin, banjo, guitars, basses, drums, percussion,
pipe organ, piano, ocarina

Maureen Hurd – clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet
Holland Jancaitis – pipe organ [Morrow Church, Maplewood, NJ]
Bryan Appleby-Wineberg – trumpet*
David Nadal – Moog*
Rebecca Ehren – soprano, mezzo-soprano voices
Tim Brown – baritone voice*
Josh Michal – French horn*
Paul Brantley – cello
Miles Brown – contrabass*
Michael Harley – bassoon, contrabassoon*
Angela Space – alto saxophone

Recorded, edited, and mixed by Evan Hause,
except * recorded by the musicians themselves
Mastering – Jennifer Munson
Video: Hause and Christopher Winders utilizing the art of Marco Breuer
Design: John Leamy

with profound thanks to all – Evan