Nightingale (opera) long-lost photos

I came across some old photos from the performances of my second opera, Nightingale: The Last Days of James Forrestal.

The opera took place in the Lower East Side (of Manhattan) theater, long-defunct Present Company Theatorium. If you look closely you can see the Nightingale poster on the wall.


The last time I drove by I saw it has become a high-rise, glassy condo building.


Here was my view of the pit orchestra:


Pictured players front row L to R: Olivera Rialas (vn), Catherine Yang (vn), Jessica Pavone (va); 2nd row: Stephen Czarkowski (vc), Keren Schweitzer (fl), Maureen Hurd (cl); 3rd row: Mark Theophilis (bs), Gordon Beeferman (pno)

Here was the backstage area, with singers David Gordon and the late Martin Dillon:


After the final show I miraculously got this photo of the three creators, all of whom clawed each others eyes out during the production. Me, director Phillipe Bodin, librettist Gary Heidt:


and finally, myself on the street afterwards in front of my beloved van. Whew!


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