Nassau, Vol. 1



NASSAU, Vol. 1

Librettino and music written or arranged and assembled by Evan Hause

ding-dong NAS-saur Avenue. Stand clear.
I. Telemachus
Come on into the sun
Up the grimy, rancid stairwell
Out of the wine-dark subway
The mighty G, snotgreen line
Behold a beautiful June day
Here on Nassau
Ten blocks from home
The last leg
Polyphemerous, polyglottal
Faithful wife waiting
Maybe have kids someday
Am I ready?
II. Nestor
School just out
Kids jammed into Pizza Prince
Joust of life
A long day of teaching and learning
Shepherding and herding
But Life is the great teacher…
III. Proteus
Kubus photo shop
“Tak. Dzehnkuye”
Ah, lovely snapshots
Jagged coast of Maine
A still image, but you can just see
The seaweed flowing. Flow.
IV. Calypso
I’m in love with the sun
Isle of Brooklyn, the Driftwood Inn
Duck into this dive bar
Maybe not…
Tired of the bar life
It’s a place for weeping
And looking out over barren waters.
I need to grow up. Face fatherhood.
Get off this island.
“Hi, Zibi. Two spicy sausages, please.”
Little Poland
Catholic bells a-ringing.
Hmm, I should pick up some oranges, too.
Orange-pealing bells.
V. Lotus-Eaters
Birthday gift for the better half.
Gemini. Air sign.
Soft and floaty. Love of culture.
Hates being owned.

Maybe soap, or some tea.

Definitely flowers
Language of flowers
Ivy – wedded love
Yellow Lily – I’m walking on air
Orange blossom – eternal love
Peony – happy marriage
Smilax – loveliness
Ambrosia – love returned
But my love is a red rose
What a lovely day
A light that’s narcotic
Smoke drifting from second floor windows
7th heaven – Blind faith
Picnicking Puerto Ricans – Throw it all away
Flyballs arching
Fruitstand parasols
VI. Hades
Some rare commotion at Rago’s Funeral Home today
Place is usually dead.
Lux perpetua. Leceat Deis.
Silly store next door:
“127 Nassau
Arch Religious Articles
chalices, vestments, statues, rosaries, Agnus Dei
crosses, cards, balloons, party supplies Tollis pecate mundi
lottery tickets”
That touches a man’s inmost heart.
VII. Aeolus
McGuiness intersection. Go! Nah.
Damn how that wind… Now! No. Wait.
Damn how that wind whips up. Press on.
Mac trucks careening by. Go back.
                            Clam! Crungalung!
There goes my newspaper Get to the island.
Hop on over.
Overly busy effort.
VIII. Lestrygonians
Wah Kwoon Kitchen.
Cheapest lunch in town.
IX. Scylla and Charibdis

…er, pardon me, excuse me,

Seas between

oops, sorry….


No room on the sidewalk


Squeeze through here


Trash heap on one side…

a a a a a

Speeding SUV’s on the other…

Hey! Get some syncopation, man!
A black oozing puddle.
Slimed! What a mess!
Good God!
It’s been said that God is a noise in the street.


Oy. Who said that?
X. Wandering Rocks
Lost your face in the crowd.
Must be fifty people outside.
Move over to the sunny side.
10 different perspectives
“…you could see the towers right there…”
“…and blocked the street for an hour…”
“…he got caught cheating and had to…”
“…Yo, where can you buy that stuff?”
“….ooo baht the G, iz sooo slow…”
“…, it was exactly at this spot…”
“…which wah to the library?”
“…he was a real kwooner…”
“…it was a nice service…”
“…the joy of creation….”

XI. Sirens


Hair in the eyes.
Renee’s Salon beckons.
Alluring sexy stylists.

Ivona calls.

“…the fine times.”
Step up.
Gossip central. — “Ah, me!
Oggle-fest. — “O my!”
Better watch it. — “Go on!”
Wife comes here, too. — “Listen!”
Can’t help it. Mirrors, mirrors. — “Is that her?”

Hot. Don’t stare.

“Exquisite contrast…”

Wait while you wait, while you wait,

“…the cherry laurel water?”
while you wait.
Hair is clean, not too long. — “He’s looking.”
I should just go home. — “Take no notice.”
She waves!
Hallo. Yez, we see you now.
Waszh an’ cut like da usual?
How’s dat?

very goooood

Iz da water too hot?


Iz da soap in yer eyes?

Don’t let me up from this chair, even if I beg!

But we have to go over here for da cut

More waaash

But der’s not much hair to wash.
Gee, thanks.

“Aren’t men frightful idiots?”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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