Nassau, Vol. 2


NASSAU, Vol. 2
Librettino and music written or arranged and assembled by Evan Hause
XII. Cyclops
Uh-oh uh-oh, here’s that guy.
Baldo’s pizza “since 1953.”
Hard-selling Baldo underneath his tree hawking his cheese.
I really don’t need it. Big lug, maybe he won’t see me.

Come on in here. Fresh mozzarella.
Only the best cheese, straight from Italia.
C: Hey you. You buy some pizza.
U: No thanks. Not hungry.                             
C: You don’ like pizza?
U: Just wanna go home.                                     
C: You no need be hungry for fresh mozzarella.
U: I really don’t need it.                                 
C: Well, don’t get nasty about it.
U: I wasn’t. (here we go)                                      
C: You calling me a liar?
U: No. I love your pizza.                                      
C: I got my eye on you. What’s your name?
U: I am Nessuno.                                           
C: You’re kidding me! Nessuno means “Nobody.” You are “Nobody?!” Ha, yeah, That’s what I thought… a real nobody!
U: Time to get out of here. He’s erupting.
C:  Nessuno!
Run for it. Things may get ugly. Hey, everyone, it’s “Nobody.” Nessuno! Get out of here. What kind of father names his son Nessuno? Duck behind the Fed Ex truck. Hey What’s that? Nobody likes my pizza! Is he pelting me with cheese? Nobody likes my pizza! Look out! Look out! Look out! Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody

Float into the Laundromat. Grand Slam.
XIII. Nausicaa
NAUSICAA (a teenage princess)
Damn! Towels still not dry. Hey, that old lady, she just stole my cart! Hells bells! It’s a rat race up in here. It’s a rat race up in here. When I get married I ain’t doin’ no laundry. no, no, no, no Find a man to do it. yeah, yeah, yeah ‘Cept they don’t know how. A snag in the plan in the quest for a good man Maybe him that just walked in carrying flowers. Can’t be too bad. Strong, quiet face. My boyfriend’s never given me flowers.
Ah, what people are these? Are they savage or hospitable to strangers?
Girl just had her cart stolen.
It’s a rat race up in here.
Pretty, though. Well-ordered hair. So young.
I’ve got to just keep moving along.
Hope she gets her cart back…. excuse me….(moving out past the smokers)..cough…cough
XIV. Oxen of the Sun

[9-part chronological style form a la JJ]

[Musical “imitations”: Gregorian Chant, Perotin, Machaut, Palestrina, Hasse, Mozart, Schubert, Webern, Adams]

Deshil Nassau Andiamo. Deshil Nassau Andiamo. Deshil Nassau Andiamo!
All I see are mothers with strollers. Is this a sign?
Bring forth abundantly in the earth and multiply in it. [Bible; Genesis 9:7]
Taurus. Earth sign. Fertility should be my forte.
We are means to those small creatures within us and nature has other ends than we. [JJ]
Man that is born of woman is few of days and full of trouble. [Bible; Job 14:1]
…but the ruins of Time build Eternity’s mansions. [William Blake quoted by JJ]
The miracle of conception. The double helix.
In his Georgics Virgil tells of mares being impregnated by the West Wind.
Aeolus sentir mi.
Yo, god of di vents hook uns up mit bambina.
XV. Circe
The entrance of 181 Nassau Avenue. Cheap, showtime lights ring around the window like ensnared will o’ wisps. JAF movie store, in front of which stands a mucous-hued fire hydrant, in front of which idles an illegally-parked Boar’s Head delivery van. At the Humboldt intersection, a 48 bus grinds to a halt.
Browse the new DVD’s. I love a movie store.
Surreal stage puts a spell on me, b-b-b-by Gantry.
Moves past the glass case of throwaways for sale. The foot sticks to the lard-textured carpet, not unlike a pig sty. Polish language flix on the right, comedy left.
This place has everything! Opium of the 18-35 demographic.
Here I become forgetful.
Where else can you find an international selection of pig movies?
La Loi du Cochon, Grisefilmen, Rennschwein Rudi Rüssel, Porco Rosso, Kurenai No Buta, The Musketeers of Pig Alley ooh that’s an oldie Porci con le ali, Daijiga Umule Pajinnal, Sigade Revolutsioon, Helmiä ja Sikoja, Babe.
Wine-dark sun snot-green pizza school joust Kubus’ seaweed barren lily Rago luceat treacherous vestment syncoFlotow Zibi G’Ivona, Nessuno Kwoonarella towel deshilaurus boarboldt Kurikoja Rüssel Buta!

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