Nassau, Vol. 3


NASSAU, Vol. 3 “The Nostos”
Librettino and music written or arranged and assembled by Evan Hause

XVI. Eumaeus

I come out by Busy Bee, Cross over Humboldt Street
Around Nassau Town I have roamed
Thinking of life, Gifts for my wife
Three more blocks left, I wanna get home

So hoist up the Busy Bee sail
Cast off the workday lines
Put the Metrocard away, the bus is long gone
I gotta walk home

The Greek diner on the park…16 The Greeks
The Greeks really hold this town together.
Ancient. 1941 menu. 1941 prices. 1941 pork. 1941 grease.

Hey there, neighbor. Can I sit here?
You may.
Whatcha been up to?
I haven’t seen you in ages.
It’s been
a long time. How’s your mother?
Fine. How’s your wife?
You must come over for tea. Today’s her birthday.
You can
help me distract her from work.

XVII. Ithaca “The catechism”

Q: Are you sure she’s home?
A: Sure hope so. Forgot my key.

Q: What are the flowers for?
To recharge the marital lithium.

Q: And the soap? And the tea?
A: Eclectic treats for the Gemini.

Q: Any plans for the evening?
A: If she’s free, maybe a long walk in a small park.

Q: Is her time precious, then?
A: As life itself, apparently.

Q: What takes all her attention?
A: Work, job, career, am I leaving anything out?

Q: And still you both want a family?
A: God grants this and withholds that. What do we know?

Q: Do you prefer a boy or girl?
A: Yes. And a heaventree of stars hung with humid nightblue fruit.

Q: Is not the world a scary place?
A: One that needs the guiding hands of children.

Q: What might he or she grow up to be?
A: A footprint, a sunburn, a mirror, a noise in the street,
a constellation, a tunnel, a web of dreams,
a blade of grass, a menu, a coral reef,
a sandcastle, a tree-lined avenue,
a purple valentine out of the blue
a nap in the car, a ladder, a thinker,
a sailor, a saviour, a samaritan, a stinker,
a merry-go-round, a friend, a cry in the night,
a conspirator, a snowball, a clear house of light,
a patron, an executor, a proverbial blue-hair,
a parent, a patient, a visitor, an heir,
a permanent reflection of this day,
a celebrant of a mother’s birthday,
a plastic gumball ring on a father’s finger,
But we’ll be happy if he or she’s just a singer.

XVIII. Penelope

Yes. Just a minute. What took you so long?
What a murderous day!
You slay me. Yours was easy. Mine nearly killed me.
Now don’t shoot me down so fast.
I’d never snuff you out. Let me kill that idea right now.
As always, you’re an arrow through my heart.
So, how about a walk around the park?
I’m a little bit tired.
Now don’t die on me!
OK. I guess it’s a good place to drop the bomb.17 McGolrick

I’ve got some news that’s bound to change our married life.
I knew, I knew, I knew it! Some bum’s been with my wife!
No. It’s my doctor…
I knew it! He’s richer than me.

Settle down, you’re way off base. My doctor is a she.”
Oh, I did not know. My God this has gone bad.
Chill out, Type-A husband, chill.
My she-doctor says you’ll be a dad.

You mean we’re…

Yep [JJ]

…and down this song came [TSAC]

Chorus of Love’s Old Sweet Song

Just a song at twilight when the lights are low
And the flick’ring shadows softly come and go
Tho’ the heart be weary,
Sad the day and long,
Still to us at twilight comes love’s old song,
Comes love’s old sweet song.

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