Piano Trio No. 2

Excerpt from end of Mov't I.

In four movements:

I. Cradle Songs

II. Pixies

III. Reverie

IV. Running

Piano Trio No. 2 is playful and pastorale. The first movement, “Cradle Songs,” begins well at sea, tonally speaking, depicting what the infant’s ears might hear as the parent sings something vaguely resembling “Amazing Grace.” Little by little the movement comes into focus until a bona fide (original) cradle song is played [heard in the audio clip]. “Pixies” is brisk tour de force, with an almost Irish melodic sensibility. “Reverie” is preoccupied with calming beauty and dreams. “Running” is a Mendelssohn-esque Presto, driving toward a recapitulation of the memorable cradle song of the first movement.


Violin, Cello and Piano

2009, 2011