A scholarship fund in my parents’ names

To my friends and family’s friends who have stumbled upon this website: my family is working to endow an annual music scholarship to East Carolina University in the name of my late parents, Robert and Karen Hause. The Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Foundation has graciously agreed to name the scholarship for both of my parents, whereas it was previously only in my father’s name. (My father passed away in 2010 and my mother in 2015.) This will be a modest, yearly, recurring scholarship to pursue a music degree at E.C.U.

To donate: go to http://www.sinfonia.org/donate/ As you work down the page, select “I would like to designate this gift for a specific scholarship fund” At that time, new options will appear, including “The Robert and Karen Hause Memorial Scholarship.” Select it. Donation is tax deductible, of course. The fund stands well but we have to get to the goal to have an endowment, which makes this an annual scholarship as opposed to one time, one year. I hope some of you can help us with the push, no matter how small of a gift.

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